New Research Links Poor Oral Health to HPV

You probably know by now that your mouth is host to billions of bacteria, both of which are by turns beneficial and damaging. With just slight changes in the pH of your mouth which largely depends on the food you eat and oral hygiene habits, buildup of the bad bacteria may occur. A recent study even found out that people with existing oral health issues have higher risks of acquiring HPV.

Here in our Central Georgia dental practice, we are always ...

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Limit Alcohol Intake for Optimum Oral Health

Did you know that roughly 66 percent of Americans consume 4 drinks per week? While the occasional beer or wine is a healthy habit, 22 percent of Americans actually admitted that they seem to drink too much. Too much alcohol consumption has been associated with depression, obesity, and a variety of other health problems. You might be surprised to know that overdrinking could also lead to a host of oral health problems.  Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we ...

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Assembling Your Dental First Aid Kit

While there’s no need to rush in coming up with a zombie first aid kit for the next zombie apocalypse, you might want to start assembling your dental first aid kit now. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we get a lot of dental emergency calls. While we aim to assist you as much as possible, having a dental emergency kit handy will surely work to your (or your teeth’s!) advantage.


We know how excruciating dental pain could be. ...

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Brushing at Work May Help You Keep Your Job!

The teeth and gums are one of the most overlooked aspects of health. Interestingly, a huge number of American employees do not even brush their teeth at work. The Academy of General Dentistry recently found out in a study that only 14 percent of these employees mindfully brush their teeth at work. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we highly encourage our clients to practice good oral hygiene habits even if they’re busy pounding the keyboards at work!

Details of ...

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The Mysterious Case of the Bleeding Gums While Flossing and Brushing

While there are a variety of factors which could influence the bleeding in gums — from genetics to hormone fluctuations, it is not normal for gums to chronically bleed while brushing and flossing. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we get a lot of questions about the link between bleeding gums and flossing and/or brushing.

Causes of Bleeding Gums

By and large, bleeding gums per se may be influenced by the following factors:

  • Vitamin deficiency such as Vitamin ...

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Why the Simple Habit of Flossing is Extremely Important

Flossing is quite a simple task in itself. Yet, most people tend to forget doing such simple habit. Here at the Central Georgia Periodontics & Dental Implants clinic, we want to make sure that you fully understand how the simple act of flossing could significantly change your oral health for the better.

Shall We Floss?

By and large, flossing removes the bacteria which accumulate after meals in between teeth. When left for a long time, the bacteria hardens which in turn ...

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Your Top Dental Implant Questions Answered

There are a lot of reasons why a tooth needs replacement — from swollen gums to dental cavities to bone loss. Dr. Bhasin and Dr. Eyman are Central Georgia dental implant specialists who have performed over a hundred extreme full mouth makeover cases. He will make sure that your overall appearance and ability to eat is affected as little as possible after your Central Georgia dental implant placement.

We answer your most common dental implant questions below.

What is a dental ...

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Older Men Urged to Keep an Eye on Gum Health

The Journal of Periodontology recently published a study stating that when compared to the rest of the general population, older men are four times more likely to suffer from blindness brought about by aging if they have lost most of the bone structure surrounding their teeth. With these findings in mind, older men are now urged to keep an eye on their oral health, particularly their gums. Dr. Bhasin and the rest of the Central Georgia Periodontics & Dental ...

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Your Gum Disease Questions Answered

Gum disease is not to be treated lightly. If left untreated, the disease could lead to more serious complications such as problems with the heart, lungs, erectile dysfunction and cancer. For residents of Central Georgia and nearby cities, Dr. Vin Bhasin and Dr. Russell G. Eyman are committed to helping clients prevent gum diseases through a wide variety of gum disease treatments, including Macon non-surgical treatment options.

1. What exactly is a gum disease?
A gum disease is, by and large, an ...

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Detecting Gum Disease: Risk Factors and Symptoms

A report published in the Journal of Dental Research last September 2012 recently revealed that one in every two Americans aged 30 and above  has gum problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that approximately 47.2 percent of American adults have periodontal disease – ranging from mild to moderate to severe cases. For residents of Central Georgia and nearby cities, Dr. Vin Bhasin and Dr. Russell G. Eyman are committed to helping clients prevent gum diseases through ...

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