Quick Dental Checklist for Traveling

Apart from the hot cocoa drinks and gift-giving, the holiday season also means traveling for most people. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we understand how traveling could make more people forget the importance of sticking to several oral health habits. We’ve come up with a quick checklist of traveling dental kit to help you maintain your awesome smile even when you’re on the road!

By and large, your kit should contain the following:

  • Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste ...

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Why Dental Implants Outshine Other Tooth Replacement Options

When choosing tooth replacement options, aesthetics is often an immediate concern. Here at our  Central Georgia dental practice, we also remind our clients that there’s more to aesthetics when deciding on tooth-replacement solutions. One important thing to consider is the long-term consequences of your tooth replacement choice.

When closely examined, the following long-term benefits of dental implants trump the benefits of other tooth replacement methods such as dentures and bridges:

1. A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option ...

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3 Oral Health Tips to Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

The Holidays are here and before we know it, the flu bug is here as well! Although getting a flu shot, getting enough rest, and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables are the key to preventing the colds and flu from invading your immune system, here at our Central Georgia dental practice we also recommend the following oral health tips to help you stay away from the nasty flu bug!

1. Stay hydrated to avoid your mouth from drying too much.

Dry ...

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Your Sinusitis May Be Causing Your Bad Breath

Do you frequently have stuffy nose when you wake up, alongside a throbbing headache and swelling around your eyes? There’s a huge chance that you have sinusitis. Infection of the sinuses could be very painful and inconvenient at times. While your doctor could prescribe you with medications for the common symptoms associated with sinusitis, bad breath is one symptoms that is often missed during diagnosis.

Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we’ve seen patients who have sinusitis and are suffering from bad ...

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Are You Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way?

Brushing your teeth the right way is one of the foundations of your teeth and gums being in good shape. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we noticed that most of our first-time patients are not even aware of the proper techniques of brushing their teeth. Let’s find out about these techniques below!

  1. Begin by placing your toothbrush at approximately 45 degree angle to your gums.
  2. Move your toothbrush gently in a back-and-forth motion.
  3. Start with the outer surfaces then proceed to ...
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Keep Your Child’s Mouth Healthy During Halloween!

Trick or treat?! Halloween is just around the corner and that means a bagful of sweets for every child out there. Here at our Central Georgia dental practice, we remind parents and guardians to be take extra care of their young one’s teeth and gums while trick or treatin’. Here’s a quick guide to healthy teeth and gums this Halloween and even the whole year ‘round.

  • Limit consumption of sticky candies such as gummy bears. It takes a long times for ...
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Are Dental Implants for Everyone?

One of the reasons of dental implants’ popularity is how it has proven to be a more reliable and effective tooth replacement option over conventional dentures. A lot of our patients here at our Central Georgia dental practice find dental implants to provide less discomfort than ill-fitting dentures, allowing them to enjoy life more. If properly cared for, there’s a huge chance that your dental implants could last a lifetime. Yet, did you know that dental implants are not suitable for ...

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When You Don’t Want to Wear Dentures…

Are you conscious about your missing teeth but you find dentures as an uncomfortable alternative? Dental implants at our Central Georgia dental practice may just suit you. Here’s a quick look as to how dental implants work.

By and large, dental implants are made of titanium, a metal which easily integrates with your existing jawbone. These implants are surgically attached to the jaw acting as an anchor for the replacement teeth. Below are the three phases of dental implant placement:

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How Frequent Green Tea Consumption Improves Oral Health

The health benefits of tea has been known for a long time now, with one study after another proving that regular consumption could actually lower down one’s risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. However, did you know that tea (whether green, black or white!) could actually help you promote excellent oral health? Read on while enjoying some tea!

Drink to your (gum) health!

Tea, specifically green tea, has been shown to reduce the occurrence of gum ...

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Dealing with a Hypersensitive Gag Reflex on Your Next Dental Visit

Although others won’t have a hard time during their dental visits at our Warner Robins dental clinic, we noticed that several clients have problems with their sensitive gag reflex. If you’re one of those people with overly sensitive gag reflex, you are not alone! This condition is quite common and we have helped clients deal and cope with it. Read on below for tips and thoughts on overcoming a hyperactive gagging reflex!

Understanding the Gag Reflex

The gag reflex, also known ...

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