Meet the Doctors


Dr. Russell G. Eyman

Dr. Eyman has practiced Periodontics in Warner Robins, GA for over 30 years. A Florida native he attended college and Dental School at Emory University. He practiced General Dentistry in the USAF for four years, then completed a 3 year specialty program in 1976, and was…


Dr. Vin Bhasin

Dr. Bhasin’s roots are in Delhi, India. After completing Dental School in Mumbai (1st in his class), Vin made the decision to move to the U.S. (his grandfather had lived in Columbus, SC for years). He completed a 2 year program at the University of Pennsylvania…



Success and Great Reputation

Experience! Like any skill the more you do it the better you get. Limited scope of practice! Periodontists receive three additioinal years of training after dental school to master the surgical skills needed to provide predictable and successful dental implant treatment. Dr. Bhasin is a member of AO (Academy of Osseointagration) and Dr. Eyman the ICOI. These are the two largest organizations related to dental implantology continuing education. We understand the procedures needed to restore dental implants and communicate with your family dentist to insure your favorable results. There are two of us! We have the opportunity to discuss complicated situations. Getting a second perspective is invaluable. Equipment! We had the first in office CT X-Ray machine in Middle GA. This allows us to calculate bone volume, and make direct measurements. It is an invaluable tool that helps us avoid vital structures and plan in advance. Some implants perform better in certain circumstances. Come see why experience makes a difference!


How Do We Do It?

Our first goal is to gather the specific facts regarding your wants and needs (exam and diagnosis). Once the diagnosis is established a road map to success (treatment plan) will be described in terms you can follow. We want terms you can understand. We want to make sure we are on the same page to make working toward your goals. In order to achieve this well make sure you understand the options. It’s hard to make good decisions if you don’t know the choices.

What Do We Do?

Traditionally periodontics has dealt with eliminating gum disease, the number one cause of adult tooth loss. This is a chronic inflammatory disease initiated by bacterial infections in genetically susceptible individuals. How, you ask, do I know if I’m at risk? Classic signs include bleeding gums; gum recession or loose teeth. If you know that someone in your family has had gum disease or diabetes you may well be in the risk group. A quick and painless exam by us can confirm or deny the problem.

How Is It Treated?

Deep cleaning, improved home care and gum surgery have been the usual therapies. A new patented procedure (Millennium LANAP Laser) offers a non-surgical approach, often with stunning results.

We are a state of the art practice

We have acquired an ICAT Panoramic CT scanner to see your jaw bones in 3 dimensions and the Millennium LANAP Laser. The first laser specific for treating gum disease. This is a first for the Middle Georgia area.